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Up-to-date, suitable infrastructure.

Today, content management systems (CMS), frameworks, APIs and standardized data formats work behind the management, display and interconnection of Internet sites and applications.

Independent programming rarely takes place outside of such infrastructures these days, as this would mean reinventing the wheel over and over again.


Making well-founded decisions

Not every CMS is suitable for every task - by choosing the right system, often a lot can be achieved with surprisingly little effort.

We help to select and evaluate the right CMS. If more functions are required, we help you to find the right plugin or extend the selected CMS with individually created plugins.



The most used content management system worldwide. The software focuses on usability and intuitive operation.



As a newcomer in the open source scene, Pimcore allows the implementation of complex projects based on the Symfony framework and also offers a modern backend.



For a long time the "top dog" in German-speaking countries: Typo3. We support you in maintaining or migrating existing websites.

Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services.

The world's leading cloud solution from Amazon not only offers cheap storage space: There are numerous solutions that scale with your company.

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure.

The AWS competitor product from Microsoft also offers many scalable services.



Those who do not want to entrust their data to external service providers can operate their own fully encrypted cloud on their own infrastructure.



The Docker virtualization solution simplifies the structure, deployment and management of heterogeneous software environments enormously.



The global leader in mailing solutions. Beside manual and automated newsletters you may also send transactional e-mails on a large scale.



Revive, the official successor to the Open Source Ad Server OpenX, enables you to professionally manage your advertising space self-hosted.


Symfony Framework.

The top dog among the PHP frameworks supports the development of everything from microservices to enterprise applications with a large number of components.



Versioning of programming sources is standard nowadays and allows the collaboration of several participants. Platforms such as Github, GitLab or Gitea make this even easier.


JavaScript Frontend Frameworks.

Dynamic application frontends are being implemented more and more often with frameworks such as Vue or React, which allow to create highly responsive user interfaces.



The topics tied to internet technology, security and social media - just to name a few - are becoming more diverse and extensive every day. It is becoming increasingly difficult to follow all topics comprehensively and always stay up to date.

Our competence network is at your disposal and advises you competently and promptly.

Design und Layouting

Design and layouting.

The right design sets you apart from your competitors. Based on existing print material and websites, we professionally design your website.

We would also be happy to take over your logo design or the development of a completely new corporate design.



If the selected CMS is not sufficient for your requirements, we offer professional programming at a professional level.

Recherche und Analyse

Research and analysis.

Problems can become very complex very quickly. You don't always have the time to look at a problem from all angles and work your way into the solution.

We help with the analysis and research on complex topics and thus give you time to take care of your actual core business.


Project management.

Projects with several participants tend to quickly become complex. Who does what when and what exactly is needed when? Has everything been considered - is everything on schedule? This is where accurate project planning and tracking can mean the difference between project success and failure.

As certified PMP, we help you to regain order and bring back overview over your project. Involved early on, we help to start on the right track.



Many topics can also be dealt with in-house – provided the appropriate knowledge is available. Familiarizing yourself with a specific topic can, however, be very time-consuming and therefore costly. We support you with the introduction and the deepening of a certain topic and show you best practices.

Johannes Jarolim, PMP - Senior Full Stack Web Developer

Johannes Jarolim, PMP
Senior Full Stack Web Development

Maria-Cebotari-Straße 6
5020 Salzburg, Österreich

E-Mail: office@jarolim.com
Web: https://jarolim.com

UID: ATU67692026
IBAN: AT45 3500 0000 2609 1629

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